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Book Review: Mastery by Robert Greene

We all are searching for power of some type. We may not say it out loud, but deep inside we all know that this is a true statement. Whether it’s power through success or power through knowledge or whatever, we are all searching. On…

April 1, 2018

The World Beyond Your head by Matthew Crawford

Decreasing attention spans, shattered mental lives, an increasing sense of distraction – these are issues you’re probably aware of, especially if you already know the eerie feeling of walking down a street surrounded by zombie-like people hunched over their phones. The World beyond your…

November 4, 2017

Build Decisions,Not Doubts.

With the ample opportunities at our disposal.We often get entangled with our thoughts.What we thought yesterday, might end up wrong in the view of what we learnt today.Every day we know something new and have to falsify our existing perspective.And this how we build…

May 12, 2017